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28 October 2008 @ 11:50 pm
  It's 11.53PM, yes I have school tomorrow at six, but I refuse to sleep. It's the hysterical day of Receive-O-Report-Book. Since aft tomorrow I'm definitely not going to rest in peace anymore I might as well spend my last few hours or ignorance having insane fun with myself. Gosh I somehow suddenly feel like I'm really unappreciative of things around me. MUST BE THANKFUL. MUST BE THANKFUL. MUST BE THANKFUL. I have decided to straighten my hair (tomorrow?) because I really really really hate mine, messy weirdy-shaped partially bobby afro twirly rebellious-to-staying-in-place. Yes I shall ask my parents for extra cash $_$ later when they've waken up. (See what I mean by unappreciative) ? This means I'm not going ice-skating or teaching Jojona guitar after school. Whootsss nicer looking hair here I come! Shall get highlights at Jantzen in Nov. Finally the holidays are here I can do all the stupid bimbo stuff I've wanted to do.

And my solemn swear is placed here, upon the Lord. I shall not eat Macs or BK or KFC or any others along the line. Today I finally had my reality check with the scales and it has finally been injected into my brain that there's no such thing as eating without gaining. Why why why why why why why did I have to gain so much (hint: 8kg more than how much I weighed in Jan 2008) I shall become a hated anorexic from now on and run 17,342,564,908 km a day.

"A-A-A-A-N-O-R-E-X-I-C-S are beautiful."

Byebye I'mma read comics till 2AM and do a phony card for my Math teacher later.
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25 October 2008 @ 10:20 pm
"There can be miracles, when you believe." - Mariah and Whitney's Lyrics.
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